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NAGAAA Player Ratings


Every player in any league affiliated with NAGAAA must have a rating of their skills which assigns that player to a division of play within NAGAAA. There are 27 questions split between categories on Fielding, Throwing, Base Running, & Hitting.  For every question a player has answered "YES" that question counts as one point.  For example, a player with ten (10) questions marked YES is rated a 10.  


NAGAAA has four divisions of play based on skill level.  A player's individual rating must align to the division they are playing in and the top 10 ratings on a team's roster by numeric value in sum must be equal to or lower than the team cap established by NAGAAA. 

A Division - Player rating 27 or less.  Team rating 270 or less.  Also, a team playing in A Division must be rated 170 or higher.
B Division - Player rating 19 or less.  Team rating 175 or less
C Division - Player rating 14 or less.  Team rating 135 or less
D Division - Player rating 10 or less.  Team rating 95 or less

NAGAAA also has a Master's Division with two sub-divisions for open-roster teams whose players must be 50 years of age or older in that calendar year.  
  1. Classics Division-Masters: All teams rated 135 or lower and no players rated over 16 are allowed on a Classics Division team. 
  2. Legends Division-Masters: All teams rated 115 or lower and no players rated over 12 are allowed on a Legends Division team.

A player may play up in a division higher than their ranking but may not play down.  For example, a player rated a 13 may play in the C, B, or A division but may not play in the D division.


Ratings are an important responsibility and duty that Milwaukee is required to carryout for fulfillment of its membership in NAGAAA.  As such, the duty of approving ratings are the province of the Commissioner.  Throughout the season, the Commissioner will utilize managers, umpires, and players to gather feedback on the play of the members of the league, along with the objective data gathered through the official scoring process. Decisions of the Commissioner on ratings are final.   

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